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We are proud to be different, introducing the new way to shop for renewable energy, Eco-Plug offers our customers a unique service. Search our store for fixed prices on solar packages & premium products. Simply add products to ‘Your Quote’ & Book Your FREE Survey. FIXED Prices & NO Online Payments.

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Offering an online store with unbeatable prices can be extremely rare to find when it comes to solar energy. We’ve made it as easy as 1, 2, 3.

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Step 1. Choose your package and/or product(s) yourself, or with our help & advice, via our 'Get Plugged' online store.

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Buying Solar has never been so easy, we have taken away all the jargon, cold calls & pressure selling to bring you our ‘Get Plugged’ online store. Easily navigate through our website to find products and/or packages that work for you. Once you find what you are looking for, simply add to ‘Your Quote’ and Book Your FREE Survey. NO Payments are taken through our website so you can feel safe & secure when you shop online with Eco-Plug.

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Solar Panel Cleaning & Aftercare Monthly Packages

Protect your investment with monthly Solar Panel Cleaning & Aftercare Packages

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we're proud to be built &
based in the Southwest.

Setting an Example

At Eco-Plug, we’re proud to introduce the NEW, transparent way to shop for renewable energy online.

Quality Protection

Combining knowledge, with experience & accreditations, we can guarantee quality protection.

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Book a technical survey with Eco-Plug to receive your detailed quotation and product/system report.

GivEnergy Battery Storage

The comprehensive storage system from GivEnergy comprises their own inverters, batteries and a state-of-the-art control and monitoring platform which together offer an exceptional storage package. The system also works with Octopus Agile, Go & Go Faster, the 100% green electricity tariff with Plunge Pricing – a world first that lets you take advantage of negative price events, and get paid for the electricity you use. Click below to Shop GivEnergy.

Agile Octopus

Octopus Energy Smart tariffs

Up to 8.2kW

Stack your Battery Storage modules

GivEnergy UK
Eco-Plug Are Approved GivEnergy Installers

Eco-Plug are approved GivEnergy Installers and competent to install, commission and monitor your GivEnergy products & systems.

Trusted, Accredited Installers

All of our trusted, accredited installers are screened by our team for the right certifications. If you’re an installer follow ‘Careers‘ & enter your details – our team will be in touch.

We always use trusted, accredited, approved installers to install your renewable energy.

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We are the renewable game-changers. The UK’s #1 for Affordable, Renewable Energy.

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Eco-Plug Installations

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Solar PV Optimisers

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Solar Savings

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Bird & Pest Proof Your Solar from £985

Looking to protect your new/existing solar PV system from nesting birds & pests? Shop with Eco-Plug online for FIXED prices. Add your products into the quote & book your survey!

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